The round edges of the phone – how to adjust the protective glass to them?

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Curved edges of the screen – where did it come from?
Probably many of you have wondered why the properly rounded or curved edges of the screen in the phone were actually used in the phone. This solution did not come with Samsung manufacturing the Edge series. In these models Samsung used a curved screen while giving it additional functions, the use of which enabled the appropriate profiling of the display and the touch layer. This solution appeared on the market much earlier, including in Samsung S3.

2.5d glass – what is it used?
2.5d glass because of it is a specific solution for profiling the edges of the external layer of the display in a way in which it smoothly goes to the edge of the phone. Between the glass and the edge of the phone there is no characteristic break and sharp edge. As you can guess, this is a mainly aesthetic solution. In addition, it also gives us a sense of greater comfort when using our device. Currently, most of the phones sold on the market have already implemented this type of screen coverage. There are exceptions among manufacturers, such as the LG G6 where the edge-to-edge display remains completely flat.

How to secure a phone with a curved screen?
In the case of telephones where bending the glass is not exaggerated, it is often possible to use ordinary tempered glass. It is then narrower which makes it possible to apply this glass without any clashes. In the case of phones with a curvature – as in S7 Edge or S8, it is virtually impossible to put on a classic tempered glass. It covers only the flat part of the screen, which greatly hinders the comfortable use of the phone. To protect the curved displays, a new type of glass called 3D was invented. It covers the whole surface of the screen, also with bent fragments. These glasses are divided into so-called “full glue” – glued on the whole and ordinary, where the glue is applied on the edges of the glass. Of course, each of these glasses has its advantages and disadvantages, and on each device there are other ones specifically tailored to the screen. In addition to toughened glasses, there is also a new type of film that is cut on site for a specific model of the device. This solution gives us the comfort of using the phone and the ability to wrap the whole device around. The foil has self-healing properties which allows to avoid scratches on its surface.

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