How is it with this phone charging? A short thing about the battery

Cellphone Phone

Each electronic device works thanks to the use of electricity. This statement is quite colloquial but it takes us directly to the topic described in the title of the entry. This topic is the issue of charging the phone. Seemingly trivial – but as history and present show, evolution is evolving from the moment when it started to think about something like a mobile phone. Since when they started to produce mobile phones – also the production process of batteries had to meet the requirements of the new branch of electronics.

To form a battery or not?
A frequently asked question about batteries in telephones is whether a new battery should be formed. The erroneous notion of battery formatting is equally willingly used. Well, the process of charging the phone fully and discharging it to zero is definitely more harmful to our battery than it may seem to us. Forming the battery occurred in nickel-cadmium batteries where there was a so-called memory effect. Then the molding operation made sense. In the currently used lithium ion and lithium polymer batteries, there is no need for such a procedure. What’s more, discharging the phone to zero definitely shortens the life of our battery in the phone, but not only. The same is also true in powerbankach. Storing in a drawer of such a device that has been completely discharged is a homicide for him.

How often do you charge your battery?
Next myths have arisen around the frequency of charging our devices. In the common opinion, we can often hear that the phone should be charged “once and well” during the day, not recharging even when the energy supply seems too small. The fact is that in the case of lithium-ion batteries you can talk about the number of charge cycles specified in the chip. Each of these batteries therefore has a lifespan determined by the manufacturer. Often, recharging the phone and discharging it to zero leads to the formation of deposits limiting the possibility of moving ions in the battery, which in turn has a final effect or limiting its capacity.

Fast charging – does it destroy the battery?
For some time manufacturers have often equipped their devices with a fast charging function. Depending on the brand we have, the phone is different from each other not only by the trade name but also by the way to get a full charge of the phone in less time than standard chargers. Most of the technology, however, relies on the method of using a higher charging current and different voltage at a certain number of amps with which we charge our battery. This process in the early stages of its introduction generated large amounts of heat that the phone battery had to cope with. Currently, however, newer technologies are used, reducing energy losses, allowing for an even greater range of work of chargers that reduces the degree of heating of the phone during charging. For example, we’re talking about QuickCharge 3.0 technology, which allows you to quickly charge your phone in the full percentage range.

As I mentioned in the above text, it is worth taking care of our devices also in the field of batteries. This applies mainly to those devices in which the exchange of the cell is difficult due to the construction of the telephone. Remember that every battery can be replaced. If you can not deal with it alone, please feel free to contact us where we replace batteries in devices that do not have the possibility to exchange it from the user’s phone level. For each service we give a guarantee of course, we invite you!