Contactless payments on your phone

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With technological advances, a revolution is made in many areas of life. Starting from the improvement of means of transport, through the use of new technologies in medicine or in the case of voice transmission or a picture at a distance. The technological revolution besides this also affects the activities that we do practically every day. Smartphones are now becoming an inseparable element of life for the majority of society. Together with the development of mobile technologies, new possibilities in the field of payments were born.

Phone as a payment card?
While for the use of payment cards in place of traditional cash we have already got used to the possibility of paying for our phone purchases is a relatively new invention, which often raises doubts and questions. Smartphone users mainly wonder whether the solution is safe. To clarify the topic, we need to explain how mobile payments work.

Technological aspects of mobile payments – does everyone have this option?
So how was it possible to pay with our mobile phones? From the technical side, this has become possible due to the use of NFC antennas in phones, which correspond to, among others, for the possibility of data transfer over short distances. Therefore, the producers decided that if it is possible to use NFC to make payments, it is worth to provide such an opportunity with an increasing number of device models. Initially, this solution was not widespread on a large scale. NFC antennas were used to transfer data of small size, but there were no adequate systemic solutions to enable users to simplify the payment process as much as possible. At this point, it should be added that, as in the case of the possibility of approximation to our terminal card in order to rob us of the amount free from entering the PIN code, it is also worth paying attention with the use of telephone payment technology. It is based on a similar principle, why it is a good idea to turn off the NFC option when you do not use mobile payments.

Android Pay and Apple Pay – that is, payments in practice
The Google company came in to help us with Android users. She proposed an application that supports payment cards connected to the vast majority of banks in Poland. How it’s working? Well, the matter is very simple. In the Google Pay app, we have the option of adding our card. In the appropriate tabs, we complete the data that identifies us as its holder. When it comes to positive verification, all you have to do is activate the NFC module in your phone and use the possibility of paying with your device. When we bring our phone to the terminal, the screen displays a view of our card and information about the payment made. It should be added that the application is associated with our Google account, so it is necessary to have such an ID to download it and work properly. The second solution provided for Apple phone users is Apple Pay. In Apple’s case, however, the matter is much more complicated. This is due to the lack of official payment support in Poland at the moment. There are alternative ways to start payments, such as the Boon application, but the process itself is complicated and nothing like that offered by Google.

As you can see from the above entry, the development of mobile technologies allows us to definitely use our handheld devices in a wider range of applications. One of them is mobile payments. I personally use this option myself and consider it a very convenient and safe method. If you want to find out how it works, you can try it on your own skin. Check if your phone supports NFC, if so – download the application and add your card to it. Good luck!