A serious flaw in AMD processors. Drastically reduces the efficiency of the equipment

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Computers with Intel processors can have big problems. This is a design flaw involving x86 and x64-based chips built over the last 10 years. The defect may reduce the efficiency of the equipment by up to 30 percent. The Register informed the case.

The programs installed on the computer can access the kernel of the operating system. In practice, this means that the software installed on a computer with a defective processor can thus gain access to passwords, login details and other private information of users using the device.

Threatened Windows and Linux

The problem concerns both computers operating on the Microsoft Windows operating system, as well as those that use an alternative, free Linux operating system. Both Microsoft and the developers of Linux announced that there will be some improvements for operating systems designed to prevent the security risks resulting from the design defect of Intel processors.

However, these improvements – both on Linux and on Windows – will significantly affect the performance of computers; it can in practice fall from 6 to 30 percent, depending on the task performed by the computer, as well as the model of the built-in processor.

Intel has so far failed to provide details about the disadvantages of its processors. Meanwhile, media related to the technology sector reported that on November 29 last year, Intel’s boss sold almost all of his company’s shares, keeping only the minimum stake.