Repairing phones and buying a new one – what is more profitable?

One of the most common causes of phone repairs is the spider on the screen. This problem is often experienced by smartphone users and service engineers themselves. It is enough to carelessly let the phone fall to the floor. Especially ladies wear smartphones in bags along with other items that can damage the phone, such as keys. If the equipment fails, it is worth considering what is more profitable - repairing phones or buying a new one. We present the advantages and disadvantages of these solutions.


IPhone service – how to choose the right one?

It has long been known that Apple is not only equipment from the top shelf, but also a lifestyle. The phones of this brand are most often chosen by people who do not like compromise. The proven equipment counts. However, what to do when the iPhone fails and it is necessary to face the necessity of choosing a post-warranty service? It is necessary to choose a place that meets the requirements. How to do it? Advise!

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Contactless payments on your phone

With technological advances, a revolution is made in many areas of life. Starting from the improvement of means of transport, through the use of new technologies in medicine or in the case of voice transmission or a picture at a distance. The technological revolution besides this also affects the activities that we do practically every day. Smartphones are now becoming an inseparable element of life for the majority of society. Together with the development of mobile technologies, new possibilities in the field of payments were born.

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How is it with this phone charging? A short thing about the battery

Each electronic device works thanks to the use of electricity. This statement is quite colloquial but it takes us directly to the topic described in the title of the entry. This topic is the issue of charging the phone. Seemingly trivial - but as history and present show, evolution is evolving from the moment when it started to think about something like a mobile phone. Since when they started to produce mobile phones - also the production process of batteries had to meet the requirements of the new branch of electronics.